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BHV basis (Engels)


 Participants are trained to fulfill an outpost position within the company until the professional emergency services have arrived. They take measures to limit injury and damage as much as possible.

Learning objective:

At the end of the full training, the participant can apply the general emergency rules, is familiar with the rules for reporting and alarming and with the means of communication used in the company, is familiar with the principles of first aid and knows how to act in the event of a fire and/or evacuation.


The course is provided in accordance with the requirements set by the NIBHV and includes teaching materials and the use of practice and learning resources. The full training as a company emergency response officer consists of 4 modules:

• Non-Emergency First Aid: The non-emergency first aid section deals with the assessment and treatment of non-life-threatening injuries and conditions. These include wounds, eye injuries, bruises, sprains, fractures and burns.

• Emergency First Aid: this section covers basic resuscitation and the use of the AED. It also discusses suffocation, shock, myocardial infarction, stroke, epilepsy, diabetes and concussion

• Firefighting: The Firefighting component focuses on dealing with the available extinguishing agents within the company. Candidates learn how to extinguish a starting fire in theory and practice. The fire triangle and hazards that occur in the event of a fire are discussed in detail.

• Evacuation: The evacuation module focuses on the role and tasks of the emergency response team during an evacuation. This module also pays a lot of attention to fire prevention and evacuation facilities in a building.


2 days
Diploma and period of validity:
NIBHV diploma Company Emergency Response Officer and identification card NIBHV. The diploma is valid for 1 year after issue. It is mandatory to attend an annual refresher course in order to renew the diploma for another year.


Tot 14 dagen voor aanvang van de cursus is annulering mogelijk. Na deze periode kunnen de cursusgelden niet worden gerestitueerd. Vervanging door een deelnemer uit hetzelfde bedrijf blijft uiteraard mogelijk.

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Maandag 18 november 2024
BHV basis (Engels) Terneuzen
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